Profitable Solutions Fundraising offers a unique collection of every day use products. These high quality detergent products are manufactured to give your fundraiser the edge needed to be successful. Our team will provide you with valuable guidance to maximize your fundraiser's profitability.

We offer practical and profitable fundraising opportunities for non-profit organizations. We are successful because we offer products that every household uses. The value is excellent for the end user as the products are about half the price of the equivalent retail items. There are many varieties and scents to choose from. We offer detergent for both regular washers as well as high efficiency units.

Our detergent fundraising program will help your organization earn the cash it needs!


Organizations that would benefit from our fundraisers are:

Churches, Dance Teams, Day Cares, Sports Teams. Class Trips, Cheerleading Squads, Non Profit Groups, For Profit Groups, Choirs and any group or cause needing to raise funds

There have been multiple news organizations recently reporting on the sale of "counterfeit" laundry products and we want to be clear to all of our consumers that we are NOT selling such products. We manufacture high quality laundry products for the purpose of fundraising and we do not mislabel or represent these products. We support all operations in the seizure and prosecution of such goods as it hurts the industry as a whole. We manufacture private labeled products that are made to compare with the performance of national brands and we go out of our way to make sure that our products are marketed fairly and honestly to consumers. We believe in the top level performance of all products that we sell and in no way support companies or individuals who are counterfeiting labels or misrepresenting products in this manner.

A link to this news broadcast can be found by visiting the link below.

Video: Authorities Say They're on the Scent of Fake Detergent