Is the detergent HE compatable?

Yes all of the products that we make are HE compatable and safe for all washers. Low efficicent detergent is no longer made.

Is the detergent concentrated?

Yes it is concentrated and this is the reason for the thicker consistency as well as the need for only 1-2 pumps of product per load.

Do we ship individual orders out of state?

All fundraising orders are sent to one location for the distribution by the group. We do ship fundraising orders all over the country but we are not able to ship individual buckets due to the weight and expense of shipping them individually.

Do the trashbags have drawstrings?

NO they do not have drawstrings but can easily be tied in knots for closing. They are very good quality and a little thicker than what can be purchased in retail stores.

What is the savings over the detergent that is purchased in smaller containers in stores?

Prices vary among areas and so there is not an exact figure but if detergent is sold by the group at our suggested retail price it is 35%-40% savings over retail.

Can any group do the fundraiser?

Yes any group looking to fundraise can participate as long as there is a fundraising need. You do not have to have a 501c3 however we do not sell to individuals who are just looking to make extra money. We exist to help the non profit groups on a wholesale order basis.

What is the minimum order requirement?

We are not able to fill wholesale orders that are less than 2 pallets due to the wholesale pricing. (72 units)

Do the trashbags count toward the Free Shipping?

Yes each 5 gallon product, pods and cases of bags all count as one unit each toward the minimum order for free shipping.

Do you accept credit card payments or paypal?

No we only accept payment by business or cashiers check because of the fees associated with other payment methods. We want to return the maximum profit back to the group as possible.

How long do the fundraisers last?

We suggest no longer than 2-3 weeks to run a fundraiser in order to allow processing time, payment and delivery. We do not want customers wondering where items are and emailing questions of concern as to the length of time for delivery.

How often can you run a fundraiser?

Every 4-6 months is optimal as this is about the time frame that users will begin to run out and begin contacting you for refills.

Can we raise the cost of the product?

We do not suggest raising the cost of the items because it will affect the value to the consumer and affect the number of sales. Long term it will affect the customer base that you build and impact future sales. Ultimately if you change the price it is up to you but we do not suggest it or prorate shipping in the case that it causes you to not meet the minimum order size for free shipping.

Can we sell the 1 gallon household items along with the 5 gallon items?

We do not offer the household fundraiser except as a Follow Up Fundraiser. The reason is because it will encourage your buyers to purchase the lower cost items without trying our feature products and your group will in turn make less money. If these products are offered as a follow up, you will have buyers who love the laundry products buy the other products to try and you will also have an opportunity to place reorders for the 5 gallon products in the case that someone missed out on the first sale or messed up an order. This allows each group to make about 30-40% bonus profit.