CompareImage8-1Our Products are high quality detergents that come in many scents and formulas.

Each unit is packaged in a 5 gallon pail which contains 672 oz. The largest containers sold at the store are usually 150 oz. Even if you bought two containers for a total of 300 oz. you would still fall short of half of the 672 oz. offered by our products. Our 5 gallon pails last between 350-500 loads depending on load size and they are sold with a dispensing pump.

We work with a wholesale company that is licensed to offer these products to non profit groups and organizations needing to raise money for their cause. We will work with ALL fundraising groups. You are NOT required to be non profit but must meet the requirements of a fundraiser. These products are not made to compete with the retail market but are designed to help meet fundraising needs quickly.



Our high quality detergents and softeners are made to compare to the leading National Brands. 

Profitable Solutions Fundraising products are not Proctor and Gamble or The Sun Products Corporation products. P&G or The Sun Products Corporation does not authorize fundraising or sell their products as a fundraiser at a discounted or bulk rate. Tide®, Gain® and Downy® are a registered trademark of the Proctor and Gamble Corporation. Snuggle® is a registered trademark of The Sun Products Corporation.

All of our products are professionally manufactured as comparable formulas to National brands such as these and are not made for sale in retail establishments.